Shannon, Class of 2015 : Lakenheath, Norwich, Cambridge Senior Photographer
Monday, January 12, 2015
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Shannon's mom and I have been friends for awhile, so when Shannon mentioned the senior pictures she'd had done by the school staff photographer weren't quiiiiite what she was after, Sharon knew where to turn!

We chose to shoot in Ely, as that's where her graduation will be held this spring. (Sure puts my high school football field to shame!!)

Shannon was a trooper and showed up for Hair and Makeup at Allie's at a suuuper early hour, even after the high school basketball game she'd attended the night before went into overtime and she'd been up way later than planned! She was full of smiles and laughter and nervous excitement. Mom had lots of wardrobe options and we selected the best outfits and choices for the style of shooting we'd be doing.

We popped over to Ely and started down near the river. The cool morning light was just stunning and was amazing on Shannon's gorgeous blonde hair. 

We also headed up my favourite field towards the cathedral for some more traditional shots. Shannon's older sister Samantha had had her pictures done at an old mission in Texas, so Mom wanted some similar shots that she could frame together. The beautiful light stone of the cathedral was perfect.

Congratulations Shannon! Good luck in everything you do, and enjoy that gorgeous sunshine next year at college! 

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