I am a mom of 3, military wife, slow-as-a-turtle runner, travel lover, hiker, foodie, and and chick flick aficionado. We have 2 rotten kitties and a spoiled princess doggie who likes to pretend she's a lapdog. I love to laugh and love to meet new people! This is our second tour in Germany and we're absolutely thrilled to be back enjoying this amazing country and all it has to offer. 

I have always loved photography.  I have fond memories of chasing around my family with my little pink Kodak. Needless to say, my photographs have improved much through the years, but the love of photography has remained.  I welcome the opportunity to create lasting memories for your family- photographs are a lifetime reminder of wonderful moments in your lives. The kids grow and life moves on, but you’ll always remember your 3 year old’s goofy face or your 6 year old’s gap-toothed smile.  I hear so many people say, “We’ll get pictures done next year when I…. lose some weight, Susy’s hair grows back from the scissors incident, Jimmy’s attitude improves, etc. But there will always be something to hold you up. Just seize the day and I promise you won’t regret it! 20 years from now, those things will be little quirks that you can look back on, laugh at, and remember.

My 3 children (12, 11, and 8!) have prepared me to work with babies, toddlers, and kids  in a wide variety of situations. I also love working with the unique personalities of school-aged children and teenagers. Even husbands that feel like they've been 'dragged along' to make mom happy, usually leave smiling!

I have been a professional photographer for 7 years and can't wait to work with your lovely family!