Big and Small Changes for 2015! Brandon, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge Premier Family Photographer
Wednesday, January 07, 2015
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So, a few of you have noticed that I've been posting cryptic comments alluding to some BIG changes at JBP. Well, that's not entirely the case. What IS happening is a little business tweaking to make your experience even better. 

As a small business, I believe that every.single.client that comes through my door (field? garden? :D ) should feel special and unique and welcomed. You are not one of 100 this month, you are not one of 1000 this year. You are not one of 5 today. You are one of ONE, and your family is my top priority. 

I ONLY take 1-2 clients per week so that I can give each and every one of you the experience that I believe your family deserves. If that means rescheduling at the last minute because of rain, black eyes, or Mustache March (or, cough, hubby's work schedule!), so be it. 

I also provide an in-person ordering consultation and viewing to every client in my home studio. I have the big iMac out so you can see your images on the 27" screen, product samples so you know just exactly how big a 30x40 canvas really is, and Organic Bloom frame samples and colour cards so we can precisely match to your decor. 


I also do notoffer anything but the best products. I recently changed my album supplier because I just wasn't happy enough with the quality they'd recently been providing. Was it "good enough?" Probably. Was it something I want to put my name on and give to you full of your precious memories to keep forever? Heck no. Yes, it takes a few extra weeks to create and ship from a random European country (I like to think that's what makes the buttery leather covers so soft- all the love!), but their customer service and quality product more than make up for a small wait.




I changed my packages up a bit this year. Did you know that I keep track of every single order that gets placed throughout the year and then tally up what got ordered? And what do you think is in those new packages? Yup, the most popular items. You speak to me with what you order, and I listen. There's also a NEW package this year with Organic Bloom frames- they're gorgeous, custom, stunning, and I can't hardly even WAIT for my new sample wall to show up!!!! (It's still a sample wall if I stick it in MY living room, right?!) 

I also custom package all my orders. Again, something new coming for 2015- adorable custom made wood boxes that house my custom flash drives (no crappy cd's EVER!!) and a beautiful little client gift. 


Your locations are custom too. No boring white studio walls for my clients! Want to shoot in your back garden? Done. Want to shoot in MY back garden? (4 miles of historic English country estate: check!) Done!! Ely Cathedral? Wicken Fen? Audley House? Random field near Mildenhall? Absolutely.  In my pre-session emails, we'll talk about what location(s) are meaningful to your family and what is going to work best for the season and time of day we'll be shooting, and make the best possible decision. Sometimes that means waiting until 1 hour before the shoot to find that elusive poppy field, but SO worth it!! 



I want every one of my clients to be blown away happy and satisfied when their shoot is finished and they see those gorgeous products on their walls. (and I DO want them on your walls- not just in a desk drawer!!)


Some other changes for 2015:

•photographer mentoring (email me at for more details!!!)

•travel shoots (I'm thinking springtime in Paris?! for families and boudoir! London, York, Edinburgh!) 

•in-person PRE-session consults, if desired

•shopping and styling guides!

•special client lounge for my beauty and boudoir ladies (families: coming soon!)

•stay posted for MORE details on a Pinterest/Instagram giveaway and promo!!! There IS other media besides Facebook, you know!?! 

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